Illinois Republican Candidates Call To Consolidate Their Offices

Aug 7, 2018

The Republican candidates for state comptroller and treasurer are calling on Illinois lawmakers to pass legislation that would consolidate the two offices they’re running for.

Comptroller candidate Darlene Senger and treasurer candidate Jim Dodge made the announcement during a news conference Tuesday in Rockford.

Both say the move would improve transparency and efficiency. Senger says it also would save taxpayers millions of dollars.

"Some states don't even have a constitutional office to do this, some states just have this function under one agency," said Senger. "So it is really a waste of taxpayer dollars, and we could save, and it's been calculated in the past by former Treasurer Judy Baar-Topinka and Treasurer (Mike) Frerichs, it could save between $12 to $14 million." 

Dodge says by shifting and eliminating personnel and using technology, it will help the state’s financial office run more smoothly:

“We can do the right things with technology; the right things with process; the right things with transparency, to take any issues off the table about how this works and put them together and save money," said Dodge.


Dodge also mentioned the potential for more technology that could used in state finances, such as blockchain.


Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs says he supports the issue, and has campaigned and voted on it in the past. But he questions why the candidates didn't raise the issue when there was still time to get it on the ballot for this year.


The spokesman for Comptroller Susana Mendoza said consolidating the offices is not the right move -- stressing the need for checks and balances on the Governor’s office.