Is Illinois The Only State Struggling With Its Budget?

Jul 6, 2015

The new fiscal year began Wednesday, and Illinois has no new spending plan in place. It could be a while before there is one, but Illinois isn't alone.

Credit State of Illinois

Across the border in Wisconsin, lawmakers can't reach a spending deal.

Over on the east coast, North Carolina is in budgetary flux. Pennsylvania's negotiations are dragging on, and New Hampshire and Alabama are also facing similar issues.

National Conference of State Legislatures' fiscal analyst Arturo Perez says more states than usual have unfinished budgets.

"It's sort of indicative of some of the additional problems certain states have had during the slow economic recovery from the Great Recession," Perez said.

Some states can function without a full budget in place, others have short-term plans.

Illinois lawmakers tried to pass a one-month spending plan, but it failed. Representatives will return to Springfield on Wednesday to take a second shot at passing a budget that would carry the state through July.