Illinois Lawmakers Quickly Adjourn Second Day Of School Funding Session

Jul 27, 2017

Lawmakers in Springfield quickly adjourned after day two of a special session to resolve how the state funds schools.

Credit State of Illinois

The House and Senate met briefly but didn't take up any action.

Gov. Bruce Rauner summoned lawmakers with the task of resolving a fight over a new funding calculation; the Senate is holding off on sending it to Rauner.

He says he'll veto parts of the bill that give additional money for Chicago Public Schools.

Rauner chastised the Senate for not sending the bill already.

“President Cullerton: Turn in your homework. Do your job. We’re all here," Rauner said. "There is no excuse for us not to be working on that bill, giving bipartisan resolution, so schools can open with the proper amount of money."

Cullerton says he’s been trying to meet with Rauner to discuss the issue. He says if that doesn’t happen, he’ll send the measure to the governor’s desk Monday.