Illinois Lawmakers File New Public School Funding Plan

Mar 24, 2017

Yet another plan to address the state’s lopsided school funding structure has been filed. This measure would freeze funding at current levels for all districts, including Chicago Public Schools.

Credit Flickr user JayMase / "Physical Education" (CC V 2.0)

When new revenue becomes available, it would be handed out based on each district’s demographics and needs, giving more to districts struggling financially. Republicans proposed the first draft of this plan, and now Senator Andy Manar, a Democrat from Bunker Hill, is sponsoring a compromise version.

“Is that everything that we have been asking for? No, it isn’t. But is it eliminating the least equitable system in the country and turning on a new system that addresses inequity? Without question, that’s what this bill does,” he said.

It’s part of what’s been called the Grand Bargain — a legislative package designed to break the ongoing budget impasse. 

Republicans came up with the original version, so this latest plan signals the first step of a potential compromise.