Illinois Lawmakers Approve Plan To Keep 911 Call Centers Afloat

Jun 29, 2017

Illinois lawmakers have approved a new version of a plan to keep emergency 911 call centers funded past June 30.

Credit Flickr User Nadbasher/ CC 2.0

The plan will increase phone fees to pay for emergency services and allow Illinois to drop traditional landline service.

The original measure sponsored by Harrisburg Democratic Rep. Brandon Phelps would increase the telephone surcharge for emergency services. It would go to $5 from $3.90 in Chicago and from 87 cents to $1.50 in the rest of the state. 

Rauner called those hikes "unacceptable.'' 

The legislation won House approval 86-24 Thursday after a 47-2 Senate vote a day earlier.  

The Telecommunications Act, which allows for 911 fees to be collected and distributed, expires Friday.