Illinois Group Works Toward Giving Residents End-Of-Life Choices

Jun 9, 2016

California today joins a handful of states that allow medically assisted suicide. Its law officially goes into effect.

Credit "Hospital Bed" By Flickr User Ari Bakker / (CC X 2.0)


A non-profit group in Illinois has prepared a measure in efforts toward having a similar law.

Ed Gogol is President of Final Options Illinois. He says critics are concerned that elderly or sick people would be coerced to end their lives.

But Gogol says the group wants to give a choice to people who want it.

“If you fit a certain profile, you have a basic human right to obtain the means to a peaceful death," Gogol said.

Religious groups strongly oppose such measures. 

Gogol says the process would require physicians to diagnose a patient with six months or less to live before prescribing life-ending medication. He says about half of the people who receive the medicine actually take it.

He says his group is waiting to present the measure to lawmakers until after the budget stalemate has passed.