Illinois Is Fifth Least-Expensive State For Energy Costs, Survey Says

Jul 20, 2017

Credit Flickr User Staffan Vilcans/CC 2.0

It’s much easier to pay energy bills in Illinois compared to much of the country, according to a recent survey by WalletHub. 

The survey examined the average monthly amount each state’s residents spent for natural gas, electricity, home heating oil, and gasoline and compared that with the average monthly consumption of each resource.

Illinois was the fifth least-expensive state overall, with an average monthly cost of $247. Electricity and gasoline were particularly cheap on a monthly basis.  Only slightly below Illinois in price are the state of Washington and the District of Columbia, which are the cheapest areas in terms of overall energy costs. 

By contrast,  Connecticut and Alaska have the most expensive energy costs overall, at an average of $380 and $332 per month, respectively.

You can see the full survey at WalletHub's website