How Northern Illinois Legislators Voted On ERA

May 31, 2018

Illinois State Representatives from northern Illinois split on the vote Wednesday to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, with 13 -- all Republicans -- voting against ratification and only 7 -- 2 Democrats and 5 Republicans -- voting in favor.

Two of those votes to approve were from women -- one from each party. Only one of the opponents from northern Illinois was a woman, and she is a Republican.

In the other legislative chamber exactly seven weeks earlier, 4 State Senators from northern Illinois approved of the ERA and 6 opposed it.

Three Republican women were joined by one Democratic male in favor. All six opponents were Republican men.

Here's how area legislators voted:

Illinois House vote on May 30, 2018

YES: Andersson (R), Halpin (D), Pritchard (R), Stewart (R), Wallace (D), Welter (R), B. Wheeler (R)

NO:  Cabello (R), Demmer (R), Fortner (R), Long (R), McCombie (R), McSweeney (R), Reick (R), Spain, (R), Sauer (R), Skillicorn (R), Sosnowski (R), Swanson (R), K. Wheeler (R)

Illinois Senate vote on April 11, 2018

YES: Althoff (R), McConnaughay (R), Rezin (R), Stadelman (D)

NO:  Anderson (R), Bivins (R), McConchie (R), Oberweis (R), Syverson (R), Weaver (R)