How Could This Have Happened?

Dec 19, 2017

When they say they love animals, most people mean they love domestic pets. In other words, they love animals they can own.  

I’ve always put myself on a higher plane than these pseudo animal lovers. I’ve never wanted to own a watered down, domestic lap warmer. My idea of animal loving is catching a glimpse of a wild creature in its habitat. I like to imagine that if I had a pet it would be a wild one: a fox maybe, or falcon.

Which is why I was somewhat dismayed -- and not a little humbled -- recently to find myself in possession of a dog, a Hurricane Harvey refugee, a black and white heeler mutt, Sadie. I thought I had a small heart for domestic pets, but I was mistaken, evidently. Sadie has nuzzled her way into my heart.

Mornings nowadays you’ll find me running, or walking, with this semi-domestic creature, who now seems completely devoted. Why? Who knows? Sadie had not read my resume, evidently. She loves me despite my bad attitude.

Loves? I’m not naïve. I know I can be replaced. I had to rename her. Sadie is too ladylike a name. This dog is afraid of geese, she revels in dead things, and her other bad habit is unmentionable.

She gets bored of fetch after about three goes.  She has a little scrim of white above her lip that looks like a milk moustache. So cute. What did I do to deserve this? This dog. Shady.

I’m Chris Fink, and that’s my perspective.