House Dist. 63: Bartman vs. Reick

Oct 27, 2016

Democrat John Bartman and Republican Steven Reick are vying for Illinois Rep. Jack Franks’s spot in next month’s general election for Illinois House District 63.

Franks announced this May he will leave his position in the general assembly. He is running for McHenry County Board Chairman instead.

Bartman is a fifth-generation farmer and small business owner from Marengo. He also has worked for the Illinois Department of Transportation. Reick ran for the House seat in 2014 and lost to Franks. He is a tax attorney in Harvard and long-time resident of Woodstock.

Reick’s main focus is property tax, education and public pensions. He has said he won’t take a legislative pension if he wins and has suggested revamping education funding to mirror programs like the Nevada Education Savings Account.

Bartman is for cutting state taxes by 10 percent and following Franks’s stance on opposing every tax- and fee-increase proposal. According to his campaign website, he is also for fair school funding and says the state’s current school funding formula does not work in benefiting McHenry County; he also says he is an advocate for small businesses.

The Illinois 63rd House District represents western McHenry County, including McHenry, Marengo and Woodstock.


Reick has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald and Northwest Herald. He is also endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Bartman has been endorsed by Chicago Sun-Times.

  • This report was compiled by WNIJ's Katie Finlon.

Map of Illinois State Representative District 63
Credit Illinois State Board of Elections