House Approves $817M Stop-Gap Budget Plan

Apr 6, 2017

The Illinois House wants to tap incoming but unallocated revenue to relieve struggling universities and human services. 

Credit Jenna Dooley/WNIJ

The House voted 64-45 Thursday to authorize spending $817 million that is sitting in special funds during a two-yearlong budget holdup.

Chicago Democratic Rep. Greg Harris is the sponsor. He says the measure would release $559 million to higher education and $258 million to human services whose funding is not ordered by court rulings.

The money is a small portion of income tax revenue set aside in funds that can't be spent until the Legislature authorizes it.  

 Gov. Bruce Rauner says it doesn't fix long-term problems and doesn't support it.  

 The Republican governor has been at odds with legislative Democrats since 2015 over a budget.