Home For The Holidays: A Pandemic De-stressing Live Event

Nov 20, 2020

Join us for a live evening of tips and inspiration to de-stress before the holidays as many families alter their usual traditions due to the pandemic. We’ll take listener questions about how to plan for the holidays that are shaping up to be anything but typical.

Tuesday, November 24th at 7 p.m. on our Facebook page and WNIJ.org.

Our panelists:

Suzanne Degges-White is professor and chair of the Counseling, Adult and Higher Education department at Northern Illinois University. She is a licensed counselor whose focus includes working with individuals and families facing transitions.

Christopher Heimerman is an award-winning former newspaper editor and author of the unpublished memoir "40,000 Steps," which centers around his recovery from alcohol addiction and mental illness, as well as marathon running.

Marnie O. Mamminga is an essayist and lifelong Midwesterner who enjoys spending time out in nature and with her friends and family -- especially her eight grandchildren.

Moderated by WNIJ's Susan Stephens

And we are curious about how you are feeling going into the unprecedented time without friends and family gathered around the table. Please share below what you plan to do differently this year in place of the usual gatherings. We also want to know what questions you have related to how to navigate this new reality.

Join in on the conversation for what to expect when staying "Home for the Holidays."