Gubernatorial Challenger Wants State Pension Changes

Dec 20, 2017


The state representative challenging Governor Bruce Rauner in next year’s Republican primary is proposing several changes to Illinois’ pension systems.

Jeanne Ives of Wheaton is calling for three things. First, she want to amend the Illinois Constitution to eliminate protections for government pensions. Second, she wants to enroll all new state workers in a 401(k)-style plan. And finally, she wants to renegotiate pensions as part of an “honest conversation” with both current employees and retirees about the state pension system.

Ives said Illinois has the worst funded pension system in the country.

“Other states have solved their pension problem. We can, too," she said.

The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees calls her ideas “extreme and reckless." And a spokesman for Gov. Bruce Rauner blamed the state’s pension problems on Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.