Governor Sued By First Lady's Organization

May 26, 2016

Diana Rauner
Credit Ounce of Prevention

Governor Bruce Rauner is being sued by his wife.

Well, her organization anyway. Diana Rauner is the CEO of Ounce of Prevention, a nonprofit that's owed $6 million dollars from Illinois per a contract.

Ounce's Chief Operating Office Sarah Bradley says there's nothing to make of the First Lady's involvement in the lawsuit. "This was a business decision that we made with the support and leadership of Diana and the support of the board. And this is for us about fairness and our contracting with the state," she said.

"We do hope that this lawsuit brings attention to the fact that the social fabric is fraying as a result of this state budget impasse." Bradley says Ounce of Prevention has continued providing support services to teen moms, even though it's been waiting for Illinois to pay since July.

The lawsuit is asking for emergency relief: in other words, the groups want to be paid, yesterday.