Gov. Rauner Signs $600M Emergency University Funding Plan

Apr 25, 2016

Governor Bruce Rauner today is approving a compromise between Republicans and Democrats that sends emergency money to public universities.

Credit Jenna Dooley / WNIJ


But that compromise doesn’t mean the two parties are getting along any better.

This state money is coming just as Chicago State University had said it would close its doors Friday.

The top House Republican Jim Durkin says it took Chicago State’s closing to get Democrats and House Speaker Michael Madigan to quit playing games.

“Chicago State had the most immediate concern and I think that that is why we were able to get the final product that did not have all these add-ons that the Speaker hoped to put on the bill,” Durkin said.

Speaker Madigan’s spokesman says it took pressure from other Republican lawmakers to keep Durkin from adding other reforms to that spending bill.