Frerichs Not Releasing Investigation Results For Former Treasurer

Jan 21, 2015

Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs is keeping secret the results of an investigation into his predecessor. 


Former Treasurer Dan Rutherford’s political career imploded after an employee accused him of sexual harassment and political intimidation.

Rutherford, a Republican, denied the allegations and hired a former IRS investigator to look into the charges. He said he’d release the results of that $27,000 investigation — taxpayer funded — but later backtracked, citing the advice of attorneys to keep it secret.

Before being sworn in, Frerichs told the Daily Herald newspaper he would consider releasing the report. But less than two weeks later, his office is saying no.

Lawyers for the treasurer and Illinois attorney general say material prepared in anticipation of a lawsuit is exempt from the state’s freedom of information laws.

A spokeswoman for Frerichs says the report “must” be released, and that her boss will work with the attorney general to do that once the lawsuit is over.