Free Tuition Raffle Winner From NIU Football Attendance Still Not Announced

Jan 11, 2016

Credit NIU Athletics

Tuition payments for most Northern Illinois University students are due today for the coming semester. But a winner for free tuition hasn’t been drawn yet.

NIU athletics officials said last fall students who went to all six home games and stayed the whole time would be put in a drawing for free tuition this spring.

Officials say the department still has to sort through attendance records to see which students went to each home football game. Attendance was primarily tracked through an app called Red Black Rewards.

The department budgeted tuition for about 12 credit hours for either in-state or out-of-state. That’s about five to ten thousand dollars for the semester, which will come from the NIU athletics marketing budget.

Once the winner is drawn, assistant athletic director Morris White says the department will contact the student and release information on the winner after that.