Four More Life Sentences For Sheley

Aug 11, 2014

A Sterling man was sentenced to four life sentences today: that’s on top of the two life sentences he is already serving. 

Nicholas Sheley was sentenced to four life terms for beating four people to death in a Rock Falls apartment in 2008. One of the victims was a two year old boy. Sheley was found guilty of the murders in May. He is appealing this latest sentence.

He had already been convicted and sentenced for the murders of two other men during a series of eight killings over a week-long period. Sheley still faces trial for the murders of two more people: he’s accused of killing an Arkansas couple in Missouri, and could face the death penalty there.

The sentencing concludes Sheley’s prosecution in Illinois. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says life in prison is the only appropriate sentence under state law, and “ensures that Nicholas Sheley will continue to pay for his actions for the remainder of his life.”