Facing Driver Shortages, East Peoria Trucking Company Seeks To Expand Into Cannabis Growing

Jan 14, 2020
Originally published on January 13, 2020 8:20 pm
A local food distribution company wants to start up a new side business to stay open: craft cannabis growing.
The East Peoria Zoning Board of Appeals approved Roy Sorce's application to start up a craft cannabis growing and infusing operation at his current space at 3201 N. Main.
Sorce says the nationwide truck driver shortage hit his family business hard.
"The shortage is very severe, and hinders our ability to grow and prosper. As many of our employees can attest to. And I'm trying to avoid further job loss or relocation from our area," he said.
Sorce employs 20 people at his business, which distributes frozen and dry foods to restaurants across the Midwest. If the East Peoria City Council approves the proposal, Sorce can ask the state for a cannabis business permit.
"I would like to see East Peoria's benefit from that. I would like to see my employees benefit from that," he said. "And...why not here?" 
Sorce Enterprises is just over 600 feet away from the Rogy's Learning Place daycare across the busy state highway, but more than a mile away from the nearest marked crossing point. The zoning board is requesting a 1,000 foot setback from Rogy's.

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