'Democracy Spring' Is Using Civil Disobedience To Spotlight Money's Influence In Washington

Apr 12, 2016

Three Rockford-area residents are among the hundreds who have been arrested for civil disobedience this week in Washington, DC. They’re part of “Democracy Spring,” a coalition of groups demanding voter rights protections and an end to “big-money politics.”

Elizabeth Lindquist of Roscoe is the group’s Midwest coordinator. She was arrested during a sit-in Monday, along with Danielle Craig of Rockford and Ed Klein of Freeport. Lindquist says Americans need to take back their democracy because money is more important than an individual’s vote. She says she thinks it's an important message that everybody's beginning to understand. 

Lindquist says marches and sit-ins will give way to large rallies over the weekend as more established civil rights groups join in.