DeKalb Sheriff Releases Composite Images Of Suspected Wilson Killer

Aug 15, 2018

Composite images of the suspected killer of Patricia and Robert Wilson.
Credit Parabon Nanotyping / DeKalb County Sheriff's Office

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office has released pictures of what the man who killed a rural Sycamore couple might look like. The images are based on DNA evidence gathered at the home where 85-year-old Patricia Wilson and her son, 64-year-old Robert Wilson, were found dead. 

Investigators determined the two died of blunt force trauma the night of August 14, 2016. The Sheriff’s Office says, despite thousands of man-hours, dozens of search warrants and work with state and national agencies, it has been unable to come up with the name of the killer.

The Office says it did recover a fair amount of DNA evidence from the scene. With the help of the Illinois State Crime Lab it created a DNA profile of the suspected killer. It then used the services of a private lab called Parabon to do something called DNA phenotyping.  The procedure predicts the physical appearance of a person from their DNA, including ancestry, eye, hair and skin color, freckling and face shape.  

The Sheriff has now published pictures based on that analysis. They show a light-skinned male of average weight with blonde hair and blue eyes, as he might look at ages 18, 25 and 40. The Sheriff is asking the public’s help in identifying someone who might resemble one of the composites. It’s hoped that will spark new leads in the case.