DeKalb Library Closes For Six Weeks

Dec 2, 2015

The DeKalb Library's new addition will be open for business January 18, 2016. Pastor Leroy Mitchell and Library Director Dee Coover will speak at the soft opening ceremony, with a day of activities planned. A magician will perform and members of the Black Male Initiative at Northern Illinois University will read to the children throughout the day.

Credit DeKalb Public Library

Edith Craig is Communications Manager for the DeKalb Public Library she says, "the whole day is filled with activities and programs for children and families to enjoy. Because it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr day, and there is no school for District 428, we're planning a full day."

She says this project developed from a thought in 2012. The addition includes three large meeting rooms, a full section dedicated to children, a computer lab, and a new glass-enclosed lobby.

Books will be checked out using RFID-- Radio Frequency Identification-- and patrons will be able to check the items back in using the same system.

Craig said the original Haish building will remain closed until next August while necessary reconstruction is completed.