DeKalb City Clerk resignation rooted in Open Meetings Act

Feb 8, 2012


DeKalb officials are trying to put a stop to speculation about why City Clerk Steve Kapitan resigned last Friday. The city manager and city attorney announced Tuesday that Kapitan voluntarily resigned from his elected post because he wasn’t able to keep up with duties related to the Open Meetings Act.

 City manager Mark Biernacki says it’s the city clerk’s job to prepare the minutes from closed session meetings: he says the minutes weren’t being completed, even when additional help was offered.   Kapitan couldn’t be fired because he was an elected official, so he offered to resign.  He’ll receive two months pay and benefits as severance.                   

Another DeKalb official has assumed the city clerk’s responsibilities. Deputy Clerk Diane Wright will perform the duties of the office in the interim. The mayor will appoint an acting City Clerk at the city council's next meeting. Kapitan also served as a DeKalb alderman for a decade.