Curiosity In The Corn Episode 3: Pete's Holiday Train

Sep 12, 2019

Waterman is a railroad town. It began as a railroad station. It was named after a railroad employee. It still sees several freight trains pass through each day. But it also has its own unique railroad: The Waterman & Western.

Located in Waterman’s Lions Community Park, The Waterman & Western (also known as The Waterman Train, The Holiday Train, or simply Pete’s Train) has been bringing joy to visitors for 25 years. It is the brainchild of railroad enthusiast Pete Robinson, who knew from the age of five that he would someday run his own train.

Join hosts Clint Cargile and Connie Kuntz as they explore Waterman’s most well-known attraction and get to know the man who built it.

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Show Notes

Waterman & Western Railroad (Facebook)

Village of Waterman

Theme Song

Dan Whitaker & the Shinebenders (performed live on WNIJ’s own Sessions from Studio A)