Cosmetology License Training Still Doesn't Include Domestic Violence

Oct 1, 2017

Saturday is the last day for cosmetology professionals and teachers in Illinois to renew their licenses before the next cycle.

Credit Flickr user Growinnc / "Practice makes perfect! #hairdo#school#perm#cosmetology" (CC V. 2.0)

Renewal requirements include certain continuing education, but domestic violence training is not yet on the list. Those requirements start next year, but they still haven’t been explicitly outlined. 

Mary Ellen Schaid directs Safe Passage in DeKalb. She says the group already gave presentations to several local schools and salons on what to do if a client confides in them about domestic violence.

“Oftentimes, they don’t know what to say or what to do,” Schaid said, “so we go out and talk about how you can respond to that and where you can refer them for help.”

Terry Horstman is with the Illinois financial and professional regulations department. He says it’s fine to hold those seminars for now, as long as they’re held only for informational purposes.

“The regulations, the rules have not been finalized at this point, so there would be no way they could pass it off legitimately as fulfilling that requirement,” Horstman said.

The one-time domestic violence training requirement will be part of the renewal process starting next year for teachers and in 2019 for other cosmetology professionals. Horstman says continuing education requirements are only for renewal and not required upon cosmetology school graduation.

Horstman says those who were previously exempt from license renewal are no longer exempt and need to complete their application by deadline.