College Of DuPage Restaurant Meals Paid By Taxpayers

Mar 9, 2015

Elaborate meals for College of DuPage officials at the school's fine-dining restaurant were paid for by taxpayers. 

Credit College of DuPage

College President Robert Breuder and other senior managers hosted meals on nearly 500 occasions in the last four years. One meal cost nearly $200 per person.

The information was compiled by a team of reporters from the Chicago Tribune.

Breuder defends the restaurant as a marketing tool. 

Breuded recently agreed to a buyout package that will pay him nearly more than a quarter of a million dollars and name a campus building after him.

COD Trustee Kathy Hamilton is asking for an emergency board meeting early to authorize payment for a state audit of the school's finances, according to the Daily Herald.

Hamilton sent an email Friday to board Chairman Erin Birt and COD President Robert Breuder urging them to schedule a meeting for no later than Tuesday "for the sole purpose of agreeing" to the terms and conditions necessary to facilitate a state audit of the college's finances dating to fiscal 2011.