Chrysler adding 1800 jobs in Belvidere

Feb 2, 2012


Chrysler's decision to produce the new Dodge Dart in northern Illinois will result in a wave of new jobs.  The automaker formally told workers at Belvidere assembly plant Thursday that it plans to add nearly 1800 jobs at the facility by the end of the summer. 

Chrysler C.E.O. Sergio Marchionne was on-hand for the announcement. He said “it is no secret that this plant has always been one of the best assembly plants within Chrysler for performance and productivity.” Marchionne added that the Belvidere plant is among the top performers within the Fiat-Chrysler group world-wide.

The new jobs will push the total number of workers at the plant to 4500.  We'll have more on this story during Friday's morning edition.