Chancery, Piety Hill Properties Included On 'Endangered List'

May 1, 2019

Rockford’s Chancery and Piety Hill properties have made the list of Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois.

Credit Landmarks Illinois

The annual list is produced by the group Landmarks Illinois.

The group says the cluster of buildings are excellent examples of Beaux Arts and Renaissance Revival architecture from the 1920s.

The Catholic Diocese of Rockford wants to transform the area into open space. Critics of the demolition plan are trying to get landmark status for the properties.

Since 1995, Landmarks Illinois has asked preservationists, community leaders and concerned citizens throughout the state to nominate threatened or endangered historic properties for its annual list.

According to the group, "the purpose of the list is to focus attention on sites threatened by deterioration, lack of maintenance, insufficient funds, or inappropriate development and to bolster local advocacy efforts and build support for each property’s eventual preservation. The Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois list also draws attention to important policy issues that affect these properties and historic properties throughout the state."

2019 list:

James R. Thompson Center-Chicago

Sheffield National Register Historic District- Lincoln Park Neighborhood, Chicago

Washington Park National Bank-Chicago

St. Mary’s School-Galena

Booth Cottage-Glencoe

Hoover Estate-Glencoe

Millstadt Milling & Feed Company-Millstadt

Hill Motor Sales Building-Oak Park

Chancery & Piety Hill Properties-Rockford

Rock Island County Courthouse-Rock Island

Ray House-Rushville

Greek Housing at University Of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign