Campus Community Questions Faculty Layoff Request At Rock Valley College

Feb 27, 2017

A group of Rock Valley College students is calling for a halt in a proposal to reduce the number of full-time faculty members.

Credit Rock Valley College

Rock Valley College announced last week a resolution to reduce the number of faculty members by this fall. According to a news release, the College faces a $1.6 million deficit along with continued loss in state funding and a significant drop in enrollment.

Mitchell McMahon studies mechanical engineering at RVC. The Roscoe-native says he’s concerned about a lower quality of education.

“They are not making the financial distribution of money at RVC very public," McMahon said. "What we want is for them to make a public forum to at least talk openly about why they are making the decision, and at least have accountability to the actions that have been making.”

Students and alumni plan to gather near the Educational Resource Center before Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting.