Byron Park District And ByronFest Celebrate 'Unplug Illinois' Day

Jul 11, 2019

Byron Park District is one of many groups statewide celebrating the first “Unplug Illinois” Day on Saturday.  The day is meant to get people outside, playing and engaging with one another. 

Groups across the state, from Normal to Byron, are holding their own events to celebrate. 

ByronFest and its 5K Family Fun Run will be a part of the day’s events. 

Elaine Carow, the marketing manager for the Byron Park District, says the event brings together community stakeholders at a local and state level.

“This is the first time that all of your Parks and Rec agencies are getting together and saying ‘hey, let's get everybody outside today,’” Carow said.

The festivities throughout the day include a bags tournament and an outdoor carnival.

“It’s encouraging people to just get out, go do things, enjoy your community,” ByronFest manager Nina Costa said.

Byron Park District Board President Rachel Oracki says these sorts of gatherings can bring a sense of joy and community into people’s lives.

“We're social creatures, and we need to have that human interaction in the most pleasant way possible, and events like this are great ways to provide that,” Oracki said.

Oracki says she expects tens of thousands of people to attend ByronFest this weekend. The annual festival runs from July 12 to 14.