Artists Across The Country Are Eligible For Upcoming Funding

Apr 15, 2021

The artist community experienced a major beating from the pandemic, according to an Americans for the Arts report. Some creatives are getting relief with the help of a national organization.


Todd Hansen, the executive director of Artist Rescue Trust (A.R.T.), said a bunch of his friends came up with a plan to create a nonprofit that would help artists and musicians.  

“And say ‘hey, we want to give people $500 a month for three months and no questions asked. Just use the money,’” he said. “Like directly fund people that qualify and make those eligibility requirements pretty black-and-white.” 

He said the organization wanted to target a large territory of artists. 

“We always had a national look for it. It's always been open to anybody in the United States,” Hansen explained. “So, we just casted a wide net and helped as many people as possible as fast as possible. It's kind of been our mantra.” 

Hansen shared that they raised about $80,000, which helped fund last year’s grants. 

This year, the organization received $300,000 from Grant For The Web and this money will be used in the same capacity.

Artists across the country can apply for the $1500 award. The deadline hasn’t been determined yet, but Hansen said it will close within the next month or so.  The application is available at

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