Art Exhibit Highlights A Basic Technique

Nov 10, 2020

A northern Illinois arts center kept creativity flowing by challenging artists to ponder a basic technique  for a new art exhibition. 

Art from the "Light & Shadow" exhibition.

Mike Glenn is the executive director of The Next Picture Show in Dixon. Glenn said he’s a writer so he likes to make the artists dig deeper when they create for exhibitions.  

“I like to challenge the artists with some themes that they can get out and create something new and make them think about a little bit more,” he shared. “So, this is the first time we've done this subject of light and shadow. And that is really basic to art.” 

He said some displays at the “Light & Shadow” exhibition show the dramatic use of strong shadows or light coming through trees and windows while others are simpler.

Glenn said there are restrictions to the number of people who can visit at one time.

“But you can go to our Facebook page, and literally walk through and see each individual piece and we have 72 pieces on display. So that's quite a show,” Glenn said.  

The show is now open and will continue through Dec. 12.  

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