Are We Making Good Choices?

Sep 26, 2018

Are we making good choices?

When my son was around three, the teachers at The Growing Place began addressing unwanted behavior with the question:  "Are we making good choices?"  The first time I witnessed this technique, I immediately thought that not only toddlers needed such a reminder.  Many adults, including myself, could use a similar prod to overcome bad habits and be better people.

When you procrastinate on an assignment you know you need to get done, then rush it the last minute only to hand in a poor effort, try to argue for a better grade and subsequently trash the professor online when she or he does not give in to your demands...are we making good choices?

When you support political candidates who have engaged in illegal activities, demeaned or assaulted women, said racist or insulting comments about immigrants or minorities, and yet you defend their economic policies...are we making good choices?

And by the same token, when you help a neighbor, reach out to a caretaker overwhelmed by too many responsibilities, volunteer at your child's school, and are patient and understanding with a new cashier in training who is trying very hard but not quite getting it right...are we making good choices?

So, for today (and perhaps for the rest of your life), when it's time to make a decision, whether momentous or mundane, you should ask yourself:  are we making good choices?  It might just improve your perspective.

I'm Frances Jaeger and that's my perspective.