Anti-Abortion Medical Providers Argue Against Illinois Law

Dec 9, 2016

Health-care providers in northern Illinois who object to abortion are asking for a preliminary injunction against a state law that requires them to provide information or referrals to patients seeking the procedure.

Credit "Electronic Stethescope" By Flickr User Ted Eytan / (CC BY 2.0)

a women’s health non-profit, a Rockford medical center and a Downers Grove physician filed a lawsuit against Gov. Bruce Rauner and other state officials in August after the law was amended in July.

The group is asking for a preliminary injunction to prevent the state from penalizing doctors and medical center staff who cite their objection to abortion as the reason for not providing such information or referrals.

The group's attorney, Matt Bowman, says the requirement violates the free speech rights of anti-abortion medical professionals.

Assistant Attorney General Sarah Newman says the statute is only triggered if a patient asks for information.