About Our Coronavirus Coverage...

Mar 11, 2020

Maybe you have heard the term "infodemic" in response to the onslaught of coverage on-air and on social media related to the spread of the coronavirus disease. Perhaps you are already feeling news fatigue on this topic. Here at WNIJ, we believe accurate and timely information can save lives in uncertain times. That's why we are committed to bringing you a wide range of perspectives to help you understand the scope and scale of this pandemic.

As a member station, we trust NPR reporters to capably handle the national and global updates during the hourly newscasts we air. You'll also get context and analysis during Morning Edition, 1A, Here and Now, and All Things Considered. For statewide updates, Illinois-produced The 21st will make sure you have the latest information on the situation in Illinois and the state's response. You will also hear statewide updates during our local newscasts during Morning Edition and All Things Considered

WNIJ reporters and editors take their roles seriously to bring you local voices too. This means making sure you have access to information from schools, universities, and county health departments in our listening area. We've created a northern Illinois COVID-19 information hub to keep you informed on the latest news from the places and spaces in our listening area.

Our reporters will also take the necessary health precautions when we talk to sources, so you may notice we air more phone interviews for the time being.

Another part of our local coverage we think you should know about is the way we use images. For stories produced by WNIJ, we will focus on using "prevention" visuals to accompany stories related to coronavirus. That means not relying on images that could be counterproductive to efforts to prevent further spread of the virus.

Finally, a word on programming. There are currently daily White House briefings and updates from Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.  WNIJ does not plan to regularly break into programming to air these briefings. We want to ensure that ample space is available for context, analysis, and local coverage. You will be able to access these briefings live and in their entirety at WNIJ.org and on the IDPH website.

  • Jenna Dooley is the News Director at WNIJ

WNIJ COVID-19 Information Hub