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Supervisor Candidate Challenges DeKalb Township Over Decision To Not Certify Name On Ballot

A man running for DeKalb Township Supervisor is challenging a decision by the township to not certify him for the ballot.

Jim Luebke filed a Statement of Economic Interest before the designated deadline, but the accompanying receipt of his filing was not in his packet by that date. Luebke said Township Clerk Lynne Kunde initially approved his candidacy after verifying the Statement was submitted on time.

“She determined that I had substantially complied, and that she would certify me, and per her resignation letter, she received notice that the township and she would be sued if she did so," he said, "and so then she resigned, having not certified anyone rather than do something she thought was wrong.”

Luebke said past questions over certification don’t disqualify a candidate for simply missing one receipt.

“Substantial compliance means you fulfilled your requirement. I submitted the appropriate paperwork. Did I bring down an administrative slip of paper that’s a remnant of when we used to fill these out on big long legal pad, yellow pad form that you had to get from the clerk and the coroner’s office? Yeah, it’s a remnant of history, and it should be done away with.”

On Monday, the township certifiedthe other candidates, reiterating that Luebke lacked the necessary paperwork. He and his lawyer, Anna Wilhelmi, are challenging this decision in court Thursday at 1pm. It will be part of an emergency hearing presided by Judge Bradley Waller.