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Write-In Candidate Competing In 16th District Congressional Race


An independent candidate is looking to gather support in the race for the Illinois 16th Congressional District. 

Roy Jones is a write-in candidate who describes himself as post-partisan. He said running outside the major parties allows him to suggest things they would brush aside.

“People are looking for solutions. People are looking for action. And regardless of what solutions and actions they’re independently looking for," he said, "if it’s divided in two ways, I think that there’s been just a complete mistrust in government for its failure to act on anything meaningful.”

One of Jones’s top priorities is combating climate change through an infrastructure plan that makes use of regenerative agricultural practices. 

“All the time when we’re driving around, we see fields, fields everywhere. It’s all corn, it’s all soybeans, it’s monoculture," he said. "And with there being so much farmland out here, I think it’s really amiss to ignore agriculture as a large part of not only an infrastructure package, but also as a plan to combat ecological collapse.”

Among the groups Jones says he hopes to reach out to are voters who mistrust the current government for its failure to act on meaningful issues. He competes as a write-in against Republican Adam Kinzinger and Democrat Dani Brzozowski in the November 3 election.

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