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Rep. Keicher Appointed To Sexual Abuse Prevention Task Force

A new member of a state task force fighting sexual abuse in schools says he has a strong personal interest in the issue. 

The Make Sexual Abuse Fully Extinct (Make S.A.F.E.) task force was created in late August as a response to the increased cases of abuse in Chicago Public Schools. Make S.A.F.E. will review the best practices for addressing and preventing abuse in a school setting and supporting victims of school-related sexual abuse statewide. 

Illinois State Representative Jeff Keicher was just appointed to the task force.  Keicher says he’s very passionate about the issue.

"My point is protecting the children. As a father, as a community member, as someone who saw firsthand a family member’s devastation, we need to make sure this is stopped and eradicated,” he said. 

Keicher says it's also important to avoid complacency.

“If we feel too confident, I’m afraid we’re not going to be vigilant. We’re not going to be looking. We’re not going to be seeking, and I think that vigilance in protecting our children is the most important aspect as well as removing opportunities for predators to be involved in the lives of our children," he said.

The task force’s mission covers private, public and charter schools in Illinois, and must report its findings to the governor and the General Assembly by September of next year.