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Deadlines Approaching For Consolidated Primary Election


It's already time to start thinking about the next election. There are a few deadlines coming up for the Illinois consolidated primary on Feb. 28.

Candidates who wish to partake in the coming election have until Monday to file. Those who want a public question to appear on the ballot also have until then to file a petition. The last day for a community to adopt a resolution or an ordinance for the public question is Dec. 12.

Illinois State Board of Elections spokesman Jim Tenuto offered this piece of advice to voters:

“Contact your local clerk – village clerk, municipal clerk, library, whatever – and just ask questions,” Tenuto said. “Don’t assume things, because it can get very technical.”

Tenuto says the last day to declare intent to run as a write-in candidate to force a primary for an office is Dec. 22. If there is already a primary election happening with registered candidates, the deadline to file as a write-in is Dec. 29.

“Don’t underestimate the importance of these elections,” Tenuto said. “They may not get as much publicity as presidential elections, but you’re really talking about people that are probably going to affect your life more than maybe the office of president or congressmen.”

The consolidated general election will be April 4.