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Incumbent Illinois House Democrats Not Faring Well

Two Democratic incumbents in the Illinois House are falling behind their Republican challengers in Tuesday's voting.

In the 71st District, two-term incumbent Democrat Mike Smiddy is trailing well behind challenger Republican Tony McCombie, the mayor of Savanna and a real-estate professional.

With 97 of 106 precincts reporting, the results are:
Tony McCombie (R), 28,921
Mike Smiddy (D), 17,345

And the Illinois House 76th District race between Democratic incumbent Andy Skoog and Republican challenger Jerry Long, which was billed as a proxy battle for the continuing impasse between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan, is following suit. About 550 votes separate the candidates. but the incumbent is on the short side of the tally.

Skoog, the former LaSalle County Clerk, was appointed to the seat when Democrat Frank Mautino became the state Auditor General. Long ran against Mautino two years ago and lost.

With 67 of 120 precincts reporting, the count stands at:
Jerry Long (R), 20,005
Andy Skoog (D), 19,318

The Illinois House 63rd District seat was vacated by McHenry County Democrat Jack Franks so he could run for McHenry County Board Chairman. His apparent replacement is Republican Steven Reick, who ran for the seat in 2014 and lost but is safely ahead of Democrat John Bartman, a farmer and small-business owner.

With 72 of 73 precincts reporting, the vote totals are:
Steven Reick (R), 19,116
John Bartman (D), 15,077

Illinois House 66th District incumbent Michael W. Tyron is not seeking re-election. Allen Skillicorn, Vice Chair of the Kane County Republican Party, has defeated Democrat Nancy Zettler, an attorney and community activist.

With 68 of 71 precincts reporting, the results are:
Allen Skillicorn (R), 25,991
Nancy Zettler (D), 18,973

Two districts are being contested in the Rockford area:

In the 68th District, incumbent Republican John Cabello is being challenged by Democrat Tricia Sweeney. Cabello, on leave from the Rockford Police Department, was appointed to the seat in 2012 and first won election later that year. Sweeney is a longtime marketing professional.

With 34 of 90 precincts reporting, the count is:
John Cabello (R), 11,988
Tricia Sweeney (D), 8,018

In the 69th District, incumbent Republican Joe Sosnowski has held the seat since 2010. His challenger is Democrat Angelique Bodine.  

In addition to his legislative duties, Sosnowski is Director of Institutional Advancement at Rockford Christian Schools. Bodine is employed by First Students Emergency Response Travel Team and is pursuing a master’s degree in education.

With 56 of 97 precincts reporting, the vote stands at:
Joe Sosnowski (R), 18,711
Angelique Bodine (D), 9,532

Democratic attorney Mike Halpin and Republican Brandi McGuire, who founded a nonprofit for individuals with epilepsy, are competing for the Illinois House District 72 seat left vacant when incumbent Democrat Patrick J. Verschoore did not seek re-election.

With 64 of 92 precincts reporting, the Count is:
Brandi McGuire (R), 15,462
Mike Halpin (D), 20,521

In House District 74, Democrat Bill Butts is facing Republican Daniel Swanson for the seat left vacant by incumbent Republican Donald Moffitt.

Butts, who has run for the House twice before, is an attorney in Galesburg. Swanson is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who is now Superintendent of the Henry County Veterans Assistance Commission and served more than 17 years on the Atwood Board of Education.

With all of 145 precincts reporting, the totals are:
Daniel Swanson (R), 34,450
Bill Butts (D), 18,072

In District 75, newly appointed Republican incumbent David Welter is being challenged by Democrat Martha Shugart.

At age 19, Welter won a seat on the Grundy County board in 2010 and was named chairman in December 2014. Shugart has been a registered nurse for 25 years, all but five of them in a supervisory role. She has been a Morris alderman and a Deputy Coroner.

With 82 of 87 precincts reporting, the totals are:
David Welter (R), 28,422
Martha Shugart (D), 20,330