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Clinton Criticizes Area Republican During Northern Suburbs Visit

U.S. Department of State

Some voters in the northern suburbs say presidential primary results in Michigan have them a little wary about Hillary Clinton’s chances in Illinois. 

In the latest Chicago Tribune poll, the former Secretary of State is beating Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by a more than 2 to 1 margin.

Fox Lake social studies teacher Colleen Schoenberger brought her daughter to the Clinton rally in Vernon Hills last night. Schoenberger says Sanders’s unexpected victory in Michigan concerns her.

“Nothing is a given,” Schoenberger said. “People say that oh, I'm for this person, I'm for that person but are they actually registered, and will they actually take the time to go out. That's the important part.”

Retiree Gary Albrecht from Arlington Heights says he thinks Michigan gave Sanders’ momentum but odds are Clinton takes Illinois.

“But then again if odds always played out, Vegas wouldn't be a going thing either,” Albrecht said with a laugh.

Sanders is scheduled to be in southwest suburban Summit Illinois tonight.

Meanwhile, Clinton took a few swings at Republicans, which include one running for president and one in Illinois. 

Clinton never mentioned Republican front runner Donald Trump by name.

“I listened to some of the other candidates,” Clinton said. “They're so pessimistic, so negative about us; I'll tell you that's not how I see us and our country.”

Instead, the former Secretary of State referenced the slogan printed on those red Trump hats: “Make America great again.”

“I don't think you make America great by tearing down everything that made America great in the first place,” Clinton said.

Clinton also took a shot at Gov. Bruce Rauner over the lack of state budget in Illinois. She says political leaders can disagree but she says the country's founders understood quote no human being has the answers to everything.

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