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Illinois Comptroller Lists What Stays, What Goes In A Government Shutdown

state of Illinois

Democrats in Illinois passed a new budget for the state that is billions of dollars out of balance.  That has GOP Governor Bruce Rauner threatening to veto it.

There's little sign of a break in the legislature versus governor stalemate.

What happens if we reach the end of the month without one?

"Nearly all payments will stop on July 1," says Republican Comptroller Leslie Munger.

Without a budget in place before the new fiscal year, the constitution takes away her ability to pay most of the state's bills. But not all of them.

Munger says she will be able to cut some checks if the impasse continues past June.

"We will make the state's debt and pension payments," Munger said. "Retirees will still receive their benefit checks. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and assistance for the aged, blind and disabled will continue. And we can make most local government payments."

But funding for everything else? It will dry up.

"There will be very real consequences for taxpayers and organizations," Munger said. "And sadly the situation will be hardest on those most vulnerable, those who can afford it the least."

State workers would not receive paychecks, schools would lose money and seniors would lose state support.