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Congressman Hultgren On Omnibus Spending Bill


It looks like Congress can avert a government shutdown, as tomorrow’s deadline to approve a spending bill approaches. Northern Illinois Congressman Randy Hultgren says there’s still a lot to pull together in the next few days.  

Some elements of the 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill could be delayed in the Senate because of funding for President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration. The 14th District Republican says while he was disappointed in the president’s action, it’s time to move forward.

“We also have to do the right thing of making sure important, vital government function continues while all the time making sure it’s accountable and transparent for the American people.”

Hultgren says he expects future spending discussions to be more “productive”…with a Republican majority Senate. He says one of the changes he expects in coming years, with his party in control of both chambers, is an end to the deadline threats of a government shutdown. 

Susan is an award-winning reporter/writer at her favorite radio station. She's also WNIJ's Perspectives editor, Under Rocks contributor, and local host of All Things Considered.