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Voter Turnout Increased For Illinois Counties

flickr user / Vox efx "I Voted" (CC BY 2.0)

Most counties in Illinois had about a 50 percent voter turnout during this election period. They include Winnebago, DeKalb, Boone and LaSalle.

Stephenson and McHenry counties are still awaiting results on voter turnout.

A combined 1,572,550 people from the counties listed above cast ballots on Election Day.

Margie Mullins, Winnebago County Clerk, was pleased with the number of people who voted on Tuesday.

“I believe this election there was so much enthusiasm and push for getting people out to register and to vote, that that’s what increased our volume of turnout.”

Mullins believes that the increase in voter turnout was due to the close race for Illinois governor and to the county-wide referenda.

“We’ve always been in the 40s as far as percentage turnout, but we were almost to fifty. I mean 48.9, that’s pretty close to 50, and this is one of our higher years of voter turnout.”

Mullins believes that there was a good turnout this year, but she encourages more people to get out and vote.

In the WNIJ listening area, Putnam County tops the list of percentage of voter turnout, and Winnebago County had the most ballots cast.

Voter Turnout Per County:

1. Putnam – 62.10% (2,635 ballots cast)
2. Grundy – 55.08% (16,577)
3. Bureau – 53.10% (12,913)*Tied
4. Livingston – 53.10% (11,309)*Tied
5. LaSalle – 52.83% (35, 677)
6. Marshall – 52.10% (4,296)
7. Ogle – 51.01% (17,267)
8. Jo Daviess – 50.03% (7,894)
9. Carroll – 49.55% (5,668)
10. Lee – 49.01% (11,437)
11. Winnebago – 48.94% (430,388)
12. DeKalb – 48.54% (28,389)
13. DuPage – 48.50% (284,795)
14. Boone – 48.01% (15,380)
15. Kendall – 47.94% (31,199)
16. Whiteside – 47.49% (17,814)
17. Kane – 46.61% (106,141)

*These voter turnout numbers are unofficial

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