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Pension Stalemate Continues Among Illinois' Democratic Leaders

state of Illinois

Illinois’ top public officials met behind closed doors today to discuss the state’s 100-billion dollar pension debt. And still - there is no clear compromise on pension reform.

Governor Pat Quinn has called lawmakers back to Springfield to address pension reform next week. The question is - what will they vote on when there is no compromise from the legislative leaders?

Quinn says he wants state senators to re-vote on a bill they soundly rejected two weeks ago, but was approved in the House.

I’m going to make a Herculean effort to get yes votes on that bill.

But Senate President John Cullerton says getting 20 senators to flip their votes will be tough.

So, uh, I’m not very optimistic.

Meantime - Republican Senate leader Christine Radogno says she was uncomfortable at today’s meeting - watching Democratic leaders disagree.

I kind of felt like I was witnessing an awkward family fight.

Leaders also couldn’t agree on another strategy - forming a rare, special panel of lawmakers to come up with an agreed upon pension plan.

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