Carl Nelson

Host/Producer - Sessions from Studio A, Multimedia Specialist

Carl was born and raised in the WNIJ listening area, and has been listening to the station since he was a kid in the backseat of his dad’s Jeep.  For nearly a decade and a half, Carl has been leading a double-life, working in broadcasting, and running sound for bands at regional venues.  Now, he is able to bring those worlds together to create “Sessions from Studio A”, which spotlights regional and touring musicians.  Along with producing and hosting the show, Carl is also a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records music.  He also enjoys bringing his love of music to his young son, Colin, who loves to sing along to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.  Outside of music, Carl is always trying to learn something new, whether it’s dabbling in electronics, or just trying out a new recipe for his lovely, witty and tolerant wife, Anna.  Carl is proud to call DeKalb his home, and hopes he can introduce you to your next favorite artist!

Victoria Lunacek

DeKalb's annual Corn Fest packed downtown with patrons, vendors, musicians and rides this past weekend. The fest went from Friday Aug. 24 through Sunday Aug. 26. 

Video: Carl Nelson - WNIJ

U.S. Poet Laureate Visits Rockford

Sep 23, 2015

The art of writing and the rhythm of prose are close to the heart of Juan Filipe Herrera. He’s the newly named U.S. Poet Laureate and the first Chicano to be named to the post in the nation’s history. WNIJ’s Steve Shadley got a chance to meet Herrera during his visit to Rockford this week… 


Artigras Parade Kicks Off Arts Celebration

May 4, 2015
Carl Nelson / WNIJ

Mix the visual and performing arts with a gorgeous spring afternoon outdoors. Add a lot of color and an evening of music and you've got Artigras.

The art-themed parade is a first for Northern Illinois University and DeKalb. It started in downtown DeKalb Saturday afternoon and made its way to NIU's art building. Post-parade music included concerts by the NIU Steel Band, the university's ukulele ensemble, and the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra.