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Oberweis Seeks Discovery Recount In 14th District Race

14th District Congressional GOP Candidate Jim Oberweis is seeking what's called a "discovery" recount in his race against Democratic incumbent Lauren Underwood.

This would have election authorities examine up to 25% of precincts to determine if votes would have gone a different way. Campaign spokesman Travis Akin explained.

“If you are within 5%, you have the opportunity legally to ask for a discovery recount," said Akin. "We will be paying for some of those precincts with funds that we’ve raised for this express purpose.”

But it does not in and of itself change the results of the election. More than 400,000 people voted in this race, with Underwood leading by slightly more than 5,000 votes. Underwood’s campaign released a statement dismissing the recount as further “bluster” from Oberweis, saying he had falsely declared victory before when there were more than 20,000 votes outstanding.