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State Comptroller's Office Broadens Census Outreach Efforts

U.S. Census Bureau

The Illinois Comptroller’s office is ramping up efforts to educate people about next year’s census.

A big milestone took place this fall with a large payout of money. Deputy Director of External Affairs Kevin Derrig explained.

“We were able to release $1.5 million to 33 different community organizations throughout the state that are going to be the ones really taking the lead in census outreach efforts," he said.

Derrig said Comptroller Susana Mendoza will also be going on the road for outreach efforts.

He said, "The more people that are counted, the more resources we get for things like roads, health care, education, those types of things." He continued, "It also has a huge factor on how much representation we have in Washington DC as well." 

The office’s social media accounts are also displaying facts about the importance of the census. The count itself will be taken April 1st.