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Illinois Congressman Will Help Finalize Tax Overhaul


U.S. Rep. John Shimkus will help negotiate the final version of the Republican tax reform bill. 

Shimkus, who represents much of east-central and southeastern Illinois, will be part of the conference committee that negotiates the final tax bill. This comes after the House and Senate passed two different versions.

The Collinsville Republican says he supports a simplified and fair tax plan that eliminates many tax credits and deductions. That includes placing a tax on graduate student tuition waivers, which is in the House version of the bill. 

"That’s a Champaign-Urbana issue, and I do represent many people and employees who work on campus," he said. "But the students and the graduate students are in another congressional district." He added, "When you provide tax credits and benefits, somebody’s paying for that."

Shimkus says he will collect comments and concerns from various constituents and use that in the negotiations.

Shimkus predicts that President Trump will have a final tax reform bill to sign into law by Christmas.