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Advocates For Undocumented Immigrants Hold 'Know Your Rights' Workshops

Cass Herrington/Peoria Public Radio
Jorge Mujica, a community organizer from Chicago, led a workshop in Peoria aimed at preparing people for encounters with immigration officials.

President Donald Trump’s order to deport immigrants living in the U.S. illegally left many undocumented people and their families feeling unsettled.

In response, immigrant rights advocates are mobilizing to spread information about how to better prepare for encounters with immigration officials.


Credit Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio
Mujica distributed wallet-sized cards for people to recite to law enforcement officials. They're meant for those questioned about their immigration status.

“Fear debilitates you,” community organizer Jorge Mujica said. “We are in a full campaign against fear. Good information organizes, so what we are doing is giving people good information.”

Mujica is a longtime community organizer from Chicago. He’s traveling the state leading “Know Your Rights” workshops.

He told about 12 attendees of a workshop at the Peoria Public Library to treat deportation as they would a fire or tornado: Have a plan of action and an exit strategy.

For instance, he says, “identify someone to look after your kids if you’ve been detained.”

First United Methodist Chuch Pastor Adrian Garcia attended the workshop and says he’ll use this information to better inform members of his congregation.